Hello! I have been fortunate to work with the most professional team of people in the technology industry across the world. Living in Silicon Valley has given me the opportunity to meet top notch talents who have carried forward this place’s legacy. Together we have seen great innovation flourish — from disruptive devices to AI. 


Through our Innovation Garage Podcast, articles and live events we will bring great names from innovative companies like HP, Google, Facebook and Salesforce to share their stories of success, learnings from failure, routines of personal development, leadership principles and the latest trends in the tech industry.


My purpose is to improve lives and make humans exponential. With that remain a lifelong learner in permanent beta.


Exponential People Transform and Innovate

"Innovation, business and career success are outcomes of a product called YOU. Transforming this product constantly and seeking exponentiality in what you do — can change the world."

Vinicius David

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