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Vinicius David


Vinicius is a seasoned high-tech executive based in Silicon Valley, boasting more than 15+ years of multinational experience working for Fortune 100 companies.

He is the CEO and founder of VDX AI. Under his leadership, the company developed "Aleks", a generative AI platform that acts as a personal employee assistant & co-pilot. Aleks handles operational tasks, allowing individuals to focus on high-value activities.

Keynote Speaker
High Performance Team Builder

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"Extraordinary Talk!"


Mauricio Benvenutti

Sócio StartSe e Best Selling Author

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"Amazing and transformational!"


Gustavo Hansel

CEO na GH Branding

Vinicius David
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Leadership and Innovation

Top trends from Silicon Valley about innovation, technology, leadership and entrepreneurship.

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Interview with Vinicius David


Watch now #nasdaqlive at Collision Conf:
Vinicius David, Board Member of AIDAX!

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The Pearls of Leadership
— Making a Team Shine Brighter

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