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Competence and character: the definition of a complete LEADER?

Why don't the best players become the best coaches?

It's not enough just to be a competent, high-performance leader. It is necessary to be a professional of character, who inspires trust and respect from your team. Performance can be taught and shaped.

Character is much harder to build.

It is not enough to have a strategy, but to know how to lead. It is not enough to have technical skills, but ability to build confidence. It is not enough to have a high success rate, but to know how to deal with failures. A competency leader will show you how to handle a situation. A character leader will tell you why.

Trust is built in moments of tranquility, when everything is going well. The leader will need it when things heat up. If before a crisis you have not built a solid and trusting relationship with your team, it is not during it that you will succeed.

We should promote someone when that person demonstrates that they have the necessary capabilities for the next level. If it is a leadership position, I hope we will always look for leaders of competence and character.

Source: Forbes

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Vinicius David
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