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Mental health: How does artificial intelligence reduce cases of burnout?

According to a survey by Isma-BR, a local representative of the International Stress Management Association, 72% of Brazilians who are in the labor market suffer some sequelae caused by stress. Of this total, 32% suffer from burnout and, of these, 92% continue to work.

The constant concerns with work performance, added to bad habits, have raised the stress level of Brazilians. Faced with this scenario, more and more people have been suffering from burnout syndrome, characterized by physical and mental exhaustion related to work.

To reverse this reality, Sonda, a digital transformation company in Latin America, developed Sonda Corporate Wellness, a solution focused on the well-being of workers. It is a platform that, through Artificial Intelligence algorithms, creates an interaction with the employees of the organizations, identifying habits, routines and points of improvement.

Based on data collection and cross-referencing, Corporate Wellness offers individualized knowledge pills and daily care tips, which help the employee develop better habits in the key areas for self-care, such as stress management, nutrition, relationships, finances, mental and physical health.

The platform works through Internet of Behaviors (IoB) sensors, which are responsible for identifying behaviors through smart watches, bracelets and scales. With this it is possible to know the habits that may be preventing the individual from having a healthy life.

The platform differentiates patterns of behavior and encourages people to modify them through a reward system.

To ensure positive results for business, it is necessary to ensure the well-being of human capital, so that productivity and fewer accidents at work.

Source: Exame

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Vinicius David
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