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What scenarios will dominate the business world in the coming years?

A study conducted by Casa Firjan's Trends Lab shows what will dominate the business world in the coming years. The Macrotrends Report 2022-2023 warns that the first factor to consider is the climate crisis. It will guide much of the strategic decisions of companies, since its effects will become impossible to ignore.

The report, which is part of a series entitled Studies of the Future, brings up other points that need to be addressed by CEOs in the near future, such as:

- decentralized technology;

- tools for a habitable world;

- New methods for managing hybrid work.

The survey mapped out three macro trends for business, here's what they are and what they represent:

Cybertopia (technology in a decentralized world): covers the new technological tools in a decentralized world. An example of this is blockchain technology, which has spawned cryptocurrencies, NFTs, decentralized finance and the Web3. Within the theme there is also a search for greater productivity in the industrial environment, through AI systems and data analysis. It is also appropriate here the more fluid interactions between the digital and the physical, and what happens when we have less rupture between one and the other. This leads, for example, to other types of demands, such as greater security for personal and corporate data.

Altermundo (attempt to make the world habitable): will demand from companies transparency, traceability of processes, origin of products, structuring of a logistics that has the lowest possible environmental impact and use of metrics to accurately measure the actions that are being implemented. It also talks about carbon market and green literacy, for example, booking a flight at a certain time because it has less environmental impact.

Pluridiverse (management of new work models): relations of the individual with different universes: the new relationships in digital spaces, the different work links and the relationship of each citizen with society, in a more assertive way and with urgent demands for their representatives. Here come the more in-depth discussions about how hybrid work will work, for example. Ideally, companies should look for new work dynamics that create spaces for dialogue, maintaining the parameters of business productivity, but also taking care of the well-being of employees, another theme that has been growing. Large companies such as Linkedin and Facebook have already hired specific people to manage the hybrid work of their employees.

"A common thread between the three macro trends is the way digital and physical meet with less noise, with less friction. Technology is producing other forms of social and economic relationship, less centralized and more flexible, within a hypertechnological context," says Isabela Petrosillo, a researcher at Casa Firjan's Trends Lab.

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