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Ambidextrous Leadership: Between Tradition and Innovation

Ambidextrous leadership refers to the ability of some corporations to invest human capital and resources in PIONEERING and INNOVATIVE projects, without neglecting the effective management of traditional operations and businesses already underway.

This concept seeks to value the high operational efficiency of employees, since these leaders are constantly open to market news, where there is influence in their decision-making. In this way, as a result, there is an improvement in the performance of employees and, consequently, in the company's earnings. Thus, all parties benefit.

It is essential to have managers and teams capable of dealing with the uncertainties, complexities and paradoxes that innovation management requires.

It is worth mentioning that, precisely because they are innovative, ambidextrous leaders are always looking for new solutions so that the business grows dynamically, creatively and competitively.

According to the Future of Jobs 2020 study, conducted by the World Economic Forum, approximately 94% of leaders want their employees to seek new skills that will help them in their work routine by 2025. This shows us that keeping up to date is becoming a requirement to stay active in the job market.

According to data from the global study Top 5 priorities for HR leaders in 2022, published by Gartner, 17.7% of the companies surveyed believe that corporate education is currently the highest priority, and 76.5% seek or intend to make investments on this front.

It is impossible to try to do open innovation without changing your management paradigms.

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