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Are you a LEADER that people are proud to follow?

Leadership does not involve position, leadership has to do with attitudes.

Are you a leader that people are proud to follow?

In order for people to be proud to follow you as a leader, it's critical to care about how your people feel.

"The greatest skill of a leader is to develop extraordinary abilities in ordinary people."

Abraham Lincoln

Leading is cultivating relationships, this is the most important factor in achieving success. Leaders should include in their routine the habit of observing and dialoguing with their teams, in addition to recognizing the individual contribution of each one. People may forget what you said or did, but they will never forget how you made them feel.

Does your team have the autonomy to make decisions and take action?

- Have the ability to DELEGATE;

- Align your speech with your daily actions;

- Have a clear view.

People commit only when they understand their true role in making something happen.

A leader must provoke his team to find the best solutions.

Better salaries, benefits package and career plan matter to the employee, but will the purpose and quality of life always speak louder for an employee to decide whether or not to continue within an organization?

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Vinicius David
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