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Data is the new Oil?

Yes, data is the new oil!

And there are those who say that they are even more valuable than oil! How?... Yes, data is inexhaustible, and best of all, expandable. They are raw material for innovation.

The great challenge is to work the data with intelligence and, from its combination or crossing, generate relevant, strategic, high-performance information, but, above all, enhance results and give security for decision making.

That phrase, originally in English, "Data is the new oil," was an inspiration from London-based data science mathematician Clive Humby. It has shaken up the business world and become a buzzword, adopted by consultants, executives and professionals linked to digital transformation.

Data shows the level of performance of the team, the product that sells or fails to sell, the performance of your competitor, among other information that provide the basis for the action.

Giving up data is unacceptable for anyone who wants to be competitive. In some organizations there is still a cultural barrier that needs to be overlaid. The suggestion is to experiment, start the data analysis and thus the course of the process determines and gives tangibility to the advantages. From the generation of data, a series of gaps are discovered, which generates assertiveness and evolution.

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Vinicius David
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