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Data science: the profession of the future?!

Data Science is the area that studies the collection, processing, treatment, analysis, modeling and visualization of data. It is an area that involves several interconnected fields: business, mathematics, statistics, programming and many others.

The career ranks first on the list of high-demand professions for the coming years, according to the World Economic Forum's Future of Jobs report. On the other hand, the hundreds of open positions on recruitment sites make it clear that there is still a gap to be filled in this market. There is a lack of professionals with the necessary preparation to access the opportunities.

But what is the reason for this demand boom?! Its relevance to business and its impact on modern society. Data professionals need to go beyond technology, understanding how artificial intelligence algorithms can impact an organization's bottom line.

The main technical and behavioral skills, theories and tools that are key to developing in this field are: programming languages, mainly in Python; ability to develop database models to structure the relationship between the results and implement them with a language (the scientist must understand the SQL standard very well and master the tools that implement its concepts in Python, such as the SQlite and PostGreSQL libraries); complex problem solving and descriptive statistics, a fundamental aspect to understand the methods and seek immediate information about the data, such as means, medians, frequency tables and graphs. This is important, for example, to compare data on different bases and establish a view of how each of them is characterized.

Data Analytics, Data Engineer and Data Science professionals were the most recruited by data intelligence companies throughout the pandemic, up about 485 percent from the same half of 2020, according to a survey by Intera. On the other hand, without a doubt, there are still many spaces to be occupied.

Never before has so much information been produced as now and as technology, innovation, artificial intelligence, robotics and others advance, more data is being generated, and for companies, if used correctly, they can be a great ally.

The trend is that in the future, every company will have some of these scientists on their teams.

Source: Época Negócios

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