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Data scientist is one of the most in-demand professionals

The area of Data Science has once again entered the radar of Brazilian companies, which have been seeking more and more professionals in this area to work in their technology sectors. In the first half of 2021, the search for candidates in this area increased more than 400% and for 2022 is one of the most offered vacancies, according to a survey by LinkedIn.

According to a survey conducted in the first half of 2021 by the recruitment company Intera, the search for vacancies increased 485% compared to the same period in 2020. A survey by the LinkedIn platform showed that vacancies for data scientists are among the 25 that are on the rise in 2022.

The area has as its field of study the focus on the exploration, analysis and interpretation of data. The data scientist combines business knowledge, skills with programming, mathematics and statistics to extract meaningful information from information to assist companies in the decision-making process and formulation of actions.

They also apply machine learning algorithms to numbers, text, images, video, audio, and more to produce AI solutions that perform tasks that typically require human intelligence. Another advantage in Data Science in business is the possibility of improving and strengthening the relationship with customers.

According to an analysis by global consulting firm Gartner, data integration and analysis, also known as data fabric, an area of data science, will quadruple efficiency in the use of data, improving management efforts by up to 70%.

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Vinicius David
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