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DIGITAL SKILLS: Skills of the Future?

More than 80% of directors admit that a lack of digital skills has a negative impact on their company. The data is the result of a study done last year by AND Digital, a European company for training in digital skills with more than 40,<> people already trained in several countries. The data reinforces that the desire of leaders to promote digital transformation in their companies is not always accompanied by changes in the professional profile of employees.

Digital skills are the technical skills that involve technologies, this means keeping up with the pace of change.

It's knowledge such as reading and analyzing data, interacting with artificial intelligence or even the basics of robotics that reduce the chances of someone losing their job by 59%, a survey in the UK has shown. It is wrong to think that these skills involve only those who work with IT. We're talking about people from marketing, HR, finance.

The Global Digital Skills Index 2022, a survey by Salesforce, a US software company, showed that only 28% of workers worldwide are actively involved in learning Digital Skills, with 76% of them feeling they do not have the resources to develop these skills.

Learn more about the most demanded skills in the market when it comes to Digital Skills and some areas of activity in which they can bring positive impacts:

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Vinicius David
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