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Digital technologies making companies more promising

Retail industries and services are reaching unprecedented levels of digitalization to gain competitiveness. A survey by CNI (National Confederation of Industry), which heard about 500 companies, reveals that 54% of those that have adopted one to three digital technologies in production today record a higher profit than in the pre-pandemic period. This result is 7% above that recorded by the analog industry.

In the group of industries that have incorporated four or more technologies into their production process, 71% of them said they had innovated in the pandemic. This result was much lower, 37%, among companies that did not adopt digital technologies in production. Those who have innovated the most in the pandemic are among those who have adopted big data (75%) and artificial intelligence (72%).

The pandemic has accelerated processes and anticipated the arrival of many technologies.

Guarulhos Airport is an example that has invested in technological solutions 4.0. According to GRU Airport, the monitoring of baggage belts, escalators and elevators takes place 24 hours a day to prevent system failures. In case of any incident, alarms are triggered to those responsible, so that immediate maintenance can be done. With this, the largest airport in South America achieved a significant reduction in equipment maintenance time, in addition to ensuring quality customer service and avoiding fines.

The CNI survey also indicates that the outlook for the coming year is more promising for innovative companies. For 63 percent of executives, revenue is expected to increase next year, a result four percentage points higher (59 percent) than industries that have not adopted any digital technology.

Technology is no longer a DIFFERENTIAL, it is being considered as ESSENTIAL.

Buildings, corporate slabs, airports, malls, data centers, large retail stores, banks, telecom, hospital health, are examples of areas that are benefiting from these technologies. "Intelligent software, 100% web and mobile, with integrated BI, such as those offered by Solvian, can also optimize the scheduling of work orders, team management, service level, inventory management, allowing the automated management of these assets, which reduces the expense of companies."

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