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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in organizations

The survey "Diversity, equity and inclusion in organizations", conducted by Deloitte in 2021, counted 215 companies and shows that almost half (49%) have an area dedicated to diversity, equity and inclusion (D&I).

So why is the mix of generations seen as an internal clash in companies and diversity seen as something positive and necessary?

According to a survey developed by the consultancy Universum, the generations of the labor market have their points of divergence, but they also have points of convergence.

When looking at the leadership aspect in the workplace, taking on a leadership role is essential for 61 percent of millennial respondents, 61 percent of Gen Z, and 57 percent of X.

In addition, all generations have shown concern about being able to adapt their personalities in the workplace (50% in Generations Y and Z and 40% in Generation X).

Although companies are advancing in their practices and policies of inclusion, the next frontier is to go beyond this representation in the initial positions, and bring minority groups to leadership positions.

In 23% of companies surveyed by Deloitte, women hold more than half of leadership positions. However, the other minority groups generally occupy less than 5% of these positions: people with disabilities (39%), LGBTQIA+ (29%), races and ethnicities (26%) and generational (20%).

Source: Exame

In your opinion, what actions are missing to make inclusion more effective in organizations?

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