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Do you have an Entrepreneurial Leadership?

Do you have entrepreneurial leadership? Can you put it into practice?

In theory, we see many companies advocating for more entrepreneurial leadership, but the curious thing is that, in practice, this does not always happen.

You, as a leader, must have the sensitivity to realize if the culture of the organization accepts, in fact, a professional with this profile, who seeks solutions and sees opportunities in adverse scenarios.

Being a leader with an entrepreneurial attitude means having initiative to:

- Aim for changes

- Score what can be improved

- point out bottlenecks and delays in processes

Unfortunately, our reality is that there is still a lot of resistance to change and innovation.

It is strange that, at a time when so much is said about efficiency, people with little active and little questioning profile, averse to change, still survive in the corporate world for several reasons. Sometimes an entire area is dominated by such professionals, contaminating even newcomers.

You, as an entrepreneurial leader, can get support from professionals, like you, within the company, to take your projects forward. If you don't get support, it's up to you to decide whether to stay there or change course and venture into new horizons.

Persist on the path you believe in and you will reap its fruits.

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Vinicius David
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