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Fastest path to Innovation: Leading by unlocking human potential

My daughter Maria wants to be an artist 👩‍🎨 I tried never to say a word when she was writing on the walls when she was 3....yesterday I got her school report and the teachers saying how she has been teaching the younger kids to draw and proud and on the same say she had written on my home office’s tears I went to say how much I appreciated the surprise...and she replies “Daddy I thought you would be mad but I felt like doing it” ...I said her love and creativity can be expressed always in any ways she wants. But how these moments in life remind me of the thin line between personal and professional life...specially in my all time loved discipline of leadership. It does not matter I have been saying to María since she was 3 that freedom to create, go around the norms of what a pretty clean wall looks like and that I stand by her when growing her creativity and confidence even if she falls....this is like in our world of work and everyday exercise reminding people it’s safe to create, try the new, challenge the norms...while some may call it a mistake I grow stronger by seeing others predicting ingenuity through the purity of kid or potential of an employee. Team thanks for giving me a chance to test my leadership daily and making me a better person. Enjoy your weekend

Leaders please lead! It's not that hard. Just learn how to love others shinning!

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Vinicius David
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