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How are empathy and trust in your work environment?

Why do we still have so few leaders in the business world?

The organization structured in a vertical and hierarchical way was part of the lives of many people and still exists. There is a lot of confusion between respect and hierarchy. We have already identified that this organizational format is not at all healthy among employees and removes any type of innovation and improvement goals within the company.

We are entering the third year of the pandemic and there are still companies that control the work of their employees through monitoring software.

Many justify this excess of monitoring as a primary factor for the achievement of results, I consider more "lack of confidence" in the employee and in the work developed by him.

Trust is the basis of any human relationship, be it professional or personal.

What the pandemic has brought out is "empathy." Many companies and leaders have managed to have the ability to identify with another person, to feel what they feel, and to want what they want. Literally, putting yourself in the other's shoes. This ability has made many leaders together with the Compliance and Human Resources Departments seek solutions to help their employees be productive, but in a healthy way – physically and mentally – in this difficult period that the world has been going through.

Many companies have implemented remote work policies, set time for sending messages and WhatsApp, with the aim of avoiding excessive work demand.

Quantity never meant productivity.

At home or in the office, employees have the right to a time to have lunch, go to the bathroom and have their coffee.

Leaders will differentiate themselves by speaking and walking with empathy towards their employees. The results can be surprising, such as, for example, the employee's feeling of wearing the company's shirt even more, low turnover, feeling of welcome or belonging to a healthy corporate environment, complaints related to bullying will decrease, among other examples.

May empathy and trust become allies for the top management of companies from now on.

That they are one of the most important requirements when hiring or promoting an executive. Thus, we can say that, in fact, we will have leaders building or developing healthier corporate environments.

How are empathy and trust in your work environment?

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Vinicius David
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