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How to break some barriers in the face of Digital Transformation

Dell Technologies, in partnership with Vanson Bourne, announced the data from its research titled Breakthrough, which revealed 3 Digital Transformation barriers related to people such as:

- digital skills and aptitude for innovation

- vision and a targeted strategy

- a culture of innovation

68% believe their organizations underestimate people's requirements when planning transformation programs.

46% are concerned that they will be excluded from the evolving digital world by the lack of people with the proper vision to capitalize on the opportunity.

63% think their employees' resistance to change can lead the digital journey to failure.

57% of respondents revealed that organizational culture is limiting employees' ability to innovate, while 47% would wait to see what happens or find an excuse to postpone change when faced with something they don't agree with.

Given these identified barriers, how to break them to make room for Digital Transformation?

Connectivity: You need the infrastructure and tools you need to be able to work.

Productivity: Many professionals show interest in learning new skills such as leadership and machine learning.

Simplify technologies and adapt change processes according to the skills of each team member involved.

Source: Decision Report

What is the biggest barrier you have been facing in the face of Digital Transformation within your company?

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