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HR 4.0: Human Capital and Digital Transformation

One market trend that is growing is the emergence of HR 4.0. Its goal is to make HR more strategic and efficient.

We understand the need for digitalization to optimize processes. Making HR strategic is a need that many companies see for the efficiency of processes related to human capital.

This is a behavior with a direct link to the fourth Industrial Revolution, when observing the rapid development of technology and its sudden changes. The corporate world becomes more connected, integrated and automated, benefiting the saving of time and resources, as well as boosting productivity.

HR 4.0 presents a new phase for the Human Resources sector:

- make assertive hires

- take care of the reputation of the brand

- Promote positive people management

- behavior change management

- new Employee-customer era

- digital mindset

That "administrator of bureaucracies and compliance with the CLT" comes out and a new profile comes into play:

- more proactive

- focused on attracting and retaining the best talent, creating innovative engagement actions

- efficient and more productive

How is the implementation of the new HR in your company?

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Vinicius David
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