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Innovation and People Management

Recent international studies reveal that 84% of executives consider innovation as a determining factor of growth for their organizations. Having an innovative People Management makes all the difference in a company and also, in particular, with a strong bet on the development of strategies that sustain the well-being and quality of life of the respective professionals, having relevant consequences on the productivity, motivation and involvement of people in the organization. Even because, in recent months has increased and much the focus on the quality of life, mental health and well-being of the employee.

The human resources sector has been gaining the attention of managers for being a strategic area within the company. Among other factors, the combination of People Management (PM) and Personnel Department (DP) requires creative solutions and a RADICAL innovation within the market scenario.

Process automation is a way to simplify the routine of the personnel department and people management through practical and agile solutions. Basically, for the DP and HR to be able to fulfill their functions satisfactorily and still be able to dedicate themselves to strategic action, it is necessary that the daily procedures are up to date and working correctly: Digital recruitment, technological onboarding, online training, management of benefits programs, as well as catalyst of new work models, such as remote work.

People Management and innovation imply change, often the most difficult of all: a CULTURAL CHANGE! It is not a matter of tampering with the respective organizational values, but rather enhancing them in function of a behavioral change.

Being rigid and inflexible to new market trends, maintaining very formal systems of obtaining results, without fostering creativity, participation and the stimulation of new ideas generates an organizational climate opposite to that generated by innovation, as it provides a collaborative environment with programs of appreciation of delivery of results and well-defined goals.

Among the many benefits of process automation are:

- Ease in the management and control of online point;

- Increased security of important data stored in the cloud;

- Optimization of the workforce, making it more analytical and less operational;

- Standardization of performance evaluations, facilitating the implementation of punctual improvements;

- Guarantee of more confidential, fast and lower incidence of errors;

- Improvement of recruitment and selection processes.

An innovative People Management is a very strong bet to capture and retain talent. Basically, it is one of the essential pillars for strengthening the organizational brand, supporting and increasing the competitiveness of the organization in the market, thereby generating growth and sustainability.

This change in the area of people management requires an alignment with the best resources that technology has been offering. Therefore, it is important that the company is willing to apply time and money to implement practices that will bring better results.

Innovation breaks down barriers, gives credibility to new partnerships, both internal and external. It promotes involvement, as an essential pillar of organizational talent management. Innovation stimulates a culture of learning: it transforms knowledge, increasing the capital of good practices and solutions. It also understands the needs of professionals, promotes effective communication and balances professional life with family and social life.

Source: Hrportugal


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