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Is Emotional Connection More Important Than Physical Connection at Work?

Studies by Gartner indicate that the connection of professionals with the culture of the company can increase 27% when there is emotional proximity to work. Physical proximity alone has no impact on engagement with the company.

Emotional connection occurs when professionals feel seen, recognized, and valued, connected to something bigger than themselves—for example, to a team, a project, or a purpose.

The worst-case scenario found by the study, in which more than 3,500 professionals participated, was when the employee is alone in the office.

Instead of requiring employees to return to the office more often, leadership should find ways to nurture emotional closeness without relying on the physical. To do this, you need to make people feel valued and part of something bigger again, regardless of where they work. These are the five main moments that matter for engagement with corporate culture, according to a study of 4,<> participants:

1. Recognition from colleagues

2. Feedback culture

3. Support in challenging situations

4. Celebrate the results achieved

5. Share the same purpose

Source: You RH April

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