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Is Metaverse the new wave of Digital Transformation?

The Metaverse is an old concept, born in the year 1992 with the work of fiction by Neal Stephenson, called "Snow Crash". Its concept was directly inspired by "Second Life", a game created in 2003 that is focused on social interactions and virtual worlds, richly modeled in 3D, which could be created and modified by various companies and by the users themselves.

In the Metaverse:

- It is possible to visualize not only 3D digital elements, but to have complete experiences of social interaction, negotiations, government affairs, leisure activities and entertainment.

- There is feasibility of having real people involved in a unique experience.

- Schedule meetings.

- Meet with customers and partners.

- Elaborate events

It is worth remembering that the people connected to the Metaverse are not just programmed digital avatars: they are real people represented virtually in a 100% digital world.

What's most interesting is that it's not just tech companies and big brands that are accelerating access, but also conservative companies like law firms.

The "Metaverse movement" is being considered a bridge between the digital environment and the analog environment.

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Vinicius David
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