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Is the future of work hybrid?!

Companies specialized in the implementation and management of corporate ecosystems gain market share and help companies connect employees at a distance.

Data from a study by the consultancy Great Place to Work (GPTW) with 2,008 people, from companies in various sectors, show that 46.8% of respondents work in a company that already adopts the hybrid model, while 37.1% still remain fully in the home office, and the rest work in person at all times.

Advantages of the hybrid work model:

  • It balances the benefits of working from home with face-to-face interaction in offices;

  • Cost reduction by adapting smaller and shared spaces, IT expenses and other technologies. With the possibility of renting the servers and hardware, costs with installation, conservation or structure for the operation of the systems;

  • By freeing up costs and reducing spaces, teams can focus on other projects within the company, geared toward innovation and growth.

Main challenges:

  • Maintain good communication between teams;

  • Give access to technology to all sectors of the company;

  • Ensure data security;

  • Develop a healthy digital workplace and give everyone a voice;

  • Culture change and time management.

Several factors were accelerated with the arrival of the pandemic, such as: the demand for cloud computing platforms, data security systems and real-time collaboration, the form of implementation, with training of employees and monitoring of the process.

Is the future of work hybrid?!

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Vinicius David
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