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Lead with RESPECT

Respect is important, because the lack of it only drives people away and generates demotivation and lack of trust.

The concept of respect involves the different ideas, worldviews, opinions, gender, race, social class, cultural level, sexual orientation and professional experience.

The leader who always acts with respect faces challenges, but never uses cruelty or the power of his office to diminish or differentiate anyone.

Some results of respectful leadership:

- more engagement, commitment and involvement of the team;

- less conflict;

- better organizational climate;

- inspiration for people.

To achieve this level of leadership:

- Lead by example

- Respect commitments and the time of your employees, you are not more important than them, you are on the same level

- Be present

- Listen to your team

- Challenge your team

- Teach and support

- Acknowledge the effort

- Give feedback

- Encourage teamwork

- Always seek learning

As a manager and leader of a team, how do you want your leadership style to be branded?

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Vinicius David
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