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Leadership Styles & Their Characteristics

Director, mentor, innovator, producer, facilitator, negotiator, coordinator and monitor. These are the eight classic leadership styles defined by Robert E. Quinn, professor emeritus at the University of Michigan School of Business, in 2004.

To date, the model serves as a reference for several studies, such as the recently published The CFO Profile in Brazil 2022, conducted by recruitment consultancy Assetz and Insper with 92 financial executives (CFOs) from large companies in Brazil.

Let's get to know each of these styles in more detail:

- Innovative: It's creative and visionary, but it can be impractical.

- Negotiator: It is more political, has great capacity for persuasion and influence, but can also be understood as ambitious.

- Producer: He is an excellent executor and goal fulfiller, but if he directs all his effort in this direction, he can be understood as someone individualistic.

- Director: He is extremely objective and pragmatic, but not very receptive to ideas that go against his own.

- Mentor: It's helpful, extremely approachable, but it can become permissive if it's not able to be rigid when needed.

- Facilitator: It is the one that promotes cohesion and teamwork and that has an important role in the resolution of interpersonal conflicts, however, when taking into account the contribution of all involved, it can extend too much in the deadlines and delay some deliveries.

- Coordinator: Is extremely organized, able to coordinate the efforts of the team and bring pragmatic resolutions to problems of various orders. It tends to be skeptical and, because it always seeks stability in processes, it can sound bureaucratic.

- Monitor: Of more analyst character, it stands out for its technical competence. He is detail-oriented, has an extreme appreciation for data and reports. It may not pay attention to the future, to disruptive and transformative processes.

Source: You RH April

Which style of leader most identifies with you?

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