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More Engaged Teams?

How is the engagement in your WORK TEAM?

Every member of a team needs feedback from their leader, and every leader needs feedback from their team.

Are you a Leader who knows how to listen? Do you learn from your team or is your truth the ABSOLUTE?

When we talk about FEEDBACK, give examples of situations and involve your employees in solving the problem.

- If you don't already have the feedback policy, implement it;

- Every team needs a Leader;

- Promote integrations among members;

- Align expectations;

- Optimize processes;

- Create career plans;

- Set goals and objectives, benefits and rewards;

- Always be open to new ideas;

- Respect the differences between team members;

- Share your ideas and accept suggestions;

- Be participatory and assertive.

Some effective ways to get your team loyal is to invest in everyone's technical growth, through group and individual training. In this way, they can produce better resultsand will feel more valued within the company.

With team engagement:

- the leader can count on professionals;

- perform their tasks with attention, care and quality;

- the team will have a vision in search of improvement, process optimization and excellence in execution;

- Better planning of actions.

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Vinicius David
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