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Nu Way of Working: Nubank's hybrid work model

Nubank has adopted a new hybrid working model to:

- Maintain your culture

- Attract, retain and engage top talent

- Enable high performance of teams to achieve their goals

The Nu Way of Working, as this model is called, is in practice a set of guidelines on the return of employees to the office. It seeks to contemplate the best of both worlds (remote and face-to-face work) and bring flexibility to maintain the well-being and productivity of teams.

This model works in 2-month cycles: every 7 weeks worked at home, 1 week will be worked in the office.

The idea is that the face-to-face work week will allow people to get closer and participate in events and rituals that are important to Nubank. The intention here is to put focus on team activities.

Employees will have access to benefits (such as discounts on airfare, buses, and hotels) when they need to come to the office.

Source: Nubank Blog

What do you think of this working model? Could you apply something similar in your company?

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