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Smart Buildings: Do you know the Residences of the Future?

Smart Buildings, or smart buildings, arrived with the aim of bringing more sustainability to buildings and more comfort to users; And, the residences of the future are already being considered.

Currently our constructions have numerous inefficiencies:

- waste of water and energy

- do not provide thermal comfort

- are dependent on HVAC systems (air conditioning or heating)

- use artificial lighting most of the time

- generate a large environmental impact

- generate high operating costs

Smart buildings have come to combat our current model of construction and are already becoming trends in the construction market.



- Connected to the internet

- Can offer greater comfort and interactivity to its residents

- They promise a change in the way people interact with the home environment.

As 5G technology is established in Brazil, smart real estate is likely to become more common. Soon, homes controlled by automated devices, responsible for acclimation, security and lighting, and connected to the internet will be the "new normal."

Some of the functionalities that these buildings can hold:

- Apps can be used to connect people and allow sharing of items such as drill, bicycle and others;

- Networks with access to wi-fi making daily activities faster and more practical;

- Elevators optimizing the call system and warning the central if problems and accidents occur;

- Security monitoring the perimeter of the building and the critical areas;

- Energy consumption, with smart meters and occupancy sensors;

- Water consumption, where the meters detect leaks or waste;

- Temperature and light controls, enabling thermal comfort and individual adjustment of temperature and lighting.

Is this trend here to stay?

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Vinicius David
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