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TECHNOLOGY Industry Trends for 2023, Gartner Group research

A survey conducted by the Gartner Group released the main trends in the technology area for the year 2023 and revealed that the technology sector is increasingly strategic in companies. In addition, those who pioneer the actions will gain much more credibility and the trust of consumers.

Trends for the year 2023:

♦️ Sustainability: ESG (Environmental, social and corporate governance).

♦️ Metaverse: By 2027, the analysis predicts that more than 40% of large institutions worldwide will use a combination of Web3, Cloud, Augmented Reality (AR), and Digital Twins in metaverse-based projects aimed at increasing revenue.

♦️ Superapps: It is the combination of features of an application, a platform, and an ecosystem into a single piece of software and provides an environment for third parties to develop and publish their own applets.

♦️ Adaptive Artificial Intelligence: They aim for continuous improvement and learning based on new data to quickly adapt to changes that were not previously foreseen in their initial development. This makes them very useful in operations with rapid changes in the external environment or products in constant update.

♦️ Digital immune system: Digital immunity combines data-driven information about operations, automated testing, automated incident resolution, software engineering in IT operations, and application supply chain security to increase the resilience and stability of systems.

♦️ Applied Observability: Allows companies to exploit their data in order to gain competitive advantage and, being well planned, assists in making strategic decisions with faster responses.

♦️ Artificial Intelligence Trust, Risk and Security Management: Requires participants from different business units to work together to implement new measures.

♦️ Industry Cloud Platforms: It is based on the combination of software as a service (SaaS), platform as a service (PaaS) and infrastructure as a service (IaaS), providing modular industry-specific feature sets to support the business.

♦️ Platform engineering: Optimize the developer experience and accelerate customer value delivery.

♦️ Realization of wireless value: The trend will be for companies to use wireless solutions to serve all environments, from Wi-Fi in the office, services for mobile devices, low-power services and even radio connectivity.

Source: Tribune Newspaper

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