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Thanksgiving Leadership

Tomorrow the US will celebrate the most important holiday of the year and I am giving back differently at this time.

I will spread and recognize leadership, which has deeply infused values and attitudes in my life. It has ultimately defined who I am: A servant human being, an enthusiastic and a passionate worker.

The intersection of these three vectors in perfect harmony has daily brought me happiness to the extend it`s now a great and deserved moment to say THANKS to all the leaders of my career and life.

They were the ones who told me to act with integrity, to do what I said I would and to aggressively be the best in whatever I decided to do, and above all, do it with passion.

In retribution to your mentorship, I commit to propagate, develop and perfect the roots of your thoughtful leadership.

Together we will continue fighting mediocrity in the world and helping others to thrive.

I give thanks and wish you all happy thanksgiving, specially to the ones who were patient and believed in the power of leadership development and the importance of teaching it.

Your mission has not been in vain. We will carry it on by making more humans to shine. Today I give back by also making it my own mission in life.

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Vinicius David
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