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The levels of aptitude for Innovation

According to a global study by Dell Technologies with 10,500 respondents, including 400 professionals from Brazil, there are 4 most common profiles found in companies when it comes to digital transformation, they are:

1. Accelerated: seek innovation and are pioneers in adopting or promoting technological change.

2. Stable: they are ready to adopt the proposed technological changes.

3. Slow: They are more inclined to observe the transformations and deliberate on them than to act.

4. Stalled: tend to anticipate problems and resist proposed technological innovations based on perceived risks.

Group of Accelerated and Stable:

- Trend watchers

- Seek change

- They try to make each day different from each other

- Commit to something and stay the course

- See their work as a central part of their identity

- Feel a strong sense of belonging to the company

- Want to work for a company that uses technology to innovate

- See obstacles as a challenge to overcome

- Know how to deal with ambiguity and pressure to act urgently

- Enjoy learning new skills

- Have a purpose at work

Group of the Slow and Stopped:

- They see work as an activity they come in and out of

- Lose interest quickly

- They find change stressful

- Need more time, support, or encouragement to change habits and learn new skills

- Find it difficult to commit to a task of uncertain outcome

- Demonstrate concern that technology may replace them

The survey also showed that 48.5% of Brazilian professionals identify themselves in the Stable group. Already 19.8% consider themselves part of the Accelerated group.

"Having these two professional profiles within organizations is essential to create a culture of creativity and innovation," said Diego Puerta, president of Dell Technologies Brazil. "But it's up to the leaders to light that flame in each of them and bring out the best in these people."

Source: You RH April

Which profile represents you the most?

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