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The purpose of Industry 5.0

Industry 5.0 brings a scenario of synergy between people and intelligent machines. Robots help humans work better and faster, using advanced digital technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence and Big Data.

"Data has been key to digital transformation, but it will be at the heart of the changes proposed by Industry 5.0. Given this, data centers will play an important role in the operational performance of technologies that will be joined to human intelligence, being a pillar for the new industrial era," explains Eliel Andrade, Product and Solution Architecture Manager at ODATA, a Brazilian provider of data centers.

According to the Industry 5.0 survey:

A Survey on Enabling Technologies and Potential Applications, the Industry 5.0 landscape envisions new resilient, sustainable and human-centred approaches in a number of emerging applications. As an example, the factories of the future and the digital society. Which shows how this vision leverages human intelligence and creativity linked to intelligent, efficient and reliable cognitive collaborative robots. The goal is to achieve manufacturing solutions based on zero waste, zero defects and mass customization.

The purpose of Industry 5.0 is to leverage the unique creativity, critical and cognitive thinking of human experts to collaborate with powerful, intelligent and precise machines.

For this reason, technical visionaries believe that Industry 5.0 will bring back the human touch to the manufacturing industry.

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