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Toxic Leadership

How to identify a Toxic Leadership posture?

Check out some characteristics of a Leader considered TOXIC:

⦁ Low confidence in the team

⦁ Aggressive communication

⦁ Agility in pointing out employee mistakes

⦁ Antisocial

⦁ Believes he is always right

⦁ Does not open space to listen to employees and solve problems as a team

⦁ Controls and imposes many activities within a short time frame

⦁ Centralizes decision-making

⦁ Frequent supervision over the routine of team members

⦁ Person of difficult coexistence

⦁ Causes toxicity in the work environment

⦁ Does not recognize the errors

⦁ Does not open space to listen and interact with employees

An inadequate leadership posture destroys the organizational culture, as a toxic leader harms the growth of the team and the company as a whole. This type of leader generates pressure and can come to morally harass his employees.

How can we not be a Toxic Leader?

Seeking new learning is an excellent option for the leader to develop some competencies such as collaboration and empathy.

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Vinicius David
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