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Urban Mobility in 2023

Urban mobility in 2023 involves innovation, new trends and a lot of technology.

According to research data from the Oliver Wyman Forum, it is estimated that by 2030 there will be a 75% growth in the sector, representing about US$ 26.6 trillion (a fifth of global economic activity). This development is directly linked to the use of new technologies, fleet management, integration between modes, automation of operations and also to the new behavior of passengers, who are now looking for intelligent and sustainable alternatives to get around.

Some trends are:

Digital wallet: Through your own digital banks and some specific applications it is possible to recharge your single ticket by mobile phone or through a QR Code.

Real-time sharing of vehicle information such as location, capacity and alternative routes.

Increased connectivity with 5G to improve transit flows.

ESG actions increase the efficiency of operations, reduce costs, waste of raw materials and ensure the greatest use of resources.

Reduction in the number of own cars: The increase in gasoline, insurance, mechanical, tax and overhead costs, together with the constant growth of the market and the number of locomotion applications, their cost-effectiveness have directly influenced the choice of younger generations to use private cars of applications instead of investing in a car of their own.

In addition, it is possible to see many people of Generation Z preferring to use bicycles and scooters to make shorter trips. One of the factors for this exchange was the extension of bike paths in urban centers, which makes the journey in these means of transport faster and safer for the population.

As far as urban mobility is concerned, 2023 arrives with several trends in place and a sector ready to embrace technological innovations and changing lifestyles of people and cities. Sustainability and digitalization will undoubtedly be the words that will guide the mobility sector this year.

Source: Exame

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